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Deep Teeth Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning

When talking about deep teeth cleaning, what would often come to mind is regular teeth cleaning. After all, with the processes involved, doesn’t your mouth feel squeaky clean afterward? However, these two are completely different dental procedures. Grand Arcade Dental, the provider of quality dental services in Bowral, highlights their differences today:


While these two procedures may seem similar based on their name, they have very different purposes and processes involved. Regular teeth cleaning is focused on getting rid of debris on the surface of the teeth and between the teeth above the gum line. The process also polishes the teeth afterward. Deep teeth cleaning or scaling and root planing, on the other hand, is done to remove bacteria, tartar, and debris that has built up under the gum line. Tartar under the gum line cannot be removed by simply brushing or flossing so it’s important to have them cleaned through deep teeth cleaning sessions, as they can create a space for bacteria to collect.

Bacteria can cause an immune response from the body that can result in inflammation. When left untreated, the infection and inflammation will persist and progress further under the gum line. This can result in loose teeth and bone loss, and eventually, the loss of one or more teeth.


To determine whether you need to schedule a deep teeth cleaning session, you can consult your dentist. Your dental hygienist uses an instrument called a probe to carefully measure the area around your teeth. This is done to see if you have any pocketing or open areas between the tooth and gum where bacteria can form. According to the NIDCR or the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, normal healthy pockets should be no more than three millimeters deep. Pockets that are greater than five millimeters would need a deep scaling and root planing appointment. It’s recommended to schedule a periodontal evaluation every year to determine whether any additional treatment is needed.

Unlike regular teeth cleaning which only cleans along the gum line, a dentist will scrape away the plaque and tartar that has gathered on the surface of your enamel up under the gums. They will also reach along the roots of your teeth to help smoothen the softer cementum on its surface, preventing the formation of plaque in uneven spaces. The whole procedure can take up to 45 minutes per quadrant. In extreme cases, it may take multiple sessions to treat all the quadrants of your mouth.

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