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General Dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Care Services and Treatments in Bowral, NSW

Kids Dentistry

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a Government scheme for eligible children aged 2-7 years to receive $1000 of dental benefits.

White Fillings

Crown & Bridges

Crowns cover the entire tooth, helping to protect vulnerable teeth from further problems (for example, a tooth that has a large filling, is cracked, or has received Root Canal treatment). Crowns are also used to alter the shape of a tooth, particularly useful for correcting a bite pattern or fixing a cosmetic problem. Crowns are available in gold or white porcelain.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, where teeth are present on either side of the missing tooth. It’s a ceramic structure which covers the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. To anchor the bridge, the neighbouring teeth will have porcelain crowns fitted to which the bridge is fused.

Root Canal Treatment

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your wisdom teeth have not come through properly, or if they have come through at an angle causing them to impact other teeth, you may be experiencing pain, tooth decay, infection, or damage to the check and gums. In which case, extraction is often recommended.


ClearCorrect is a clear teeth aligning technology which has become a more popular alternative to traditional braces. They feature a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually move teeth into the desired position over time.


SureSmile is an alternative technology used to straighten teeth, using customized orthodontic arch wires.

Utilizing 3D imaging, treatment planning software and a robot to create the wires, SureSmile is reported to decrease time required to complete orthodontic treatment by 34% and increase the precision of the results.