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what does invisalign cost

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Dreaming of a perfectly straight smile, but worried about painful, embarrassing braces, and huge costs? Invisalign costs about the same as braces but is so much more comfortable and convenient. Read on to find out if Invisalign is for you.

Everyone wants a perfect, straight smile but let’s face it; nature often has other ideas. Luckily, there is an easy, affordable teeth-straightening system that saves you the hassle of wearing uncomfortable metal braces.

Invisalign – A New World

Invisalign is a simple and comfortable system that uses custom-made trays to straighten your smile with none of the inconvenience of old-fashioned braces.

This is a new world of orthodontics; the trays are almost invisible and you can remove them whenever you want! What could be easier?

With all of these great benefits, you’re probably wondering how much Invisalign costs.

Invisalign is custom-made based on each patient’s unique needs, so the cost varies, but the average price range is $5,000 to $7,500.

Read on to learn exactly how Invisalign works and find out what it might cost for you.

Whiten As You Straighten With Invisalign

Straight teeth are wonderful, but straight white teeth are even better! That’s why The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery offers Invisalign patients free whitening gel to apply using as you straighten your teeth. Use the Invisalign trays to straighten and whiten at the same time and get a truly brilliant result.

Invisalign aligners

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a trusted, safe and effective alternative to braces based on 20 years of innovation. More than five million people now enjoy a perfect Invisalign smile – and you can too.

There are three excellent reasons why Invisalign clear braces are fast becoming the preferred teeth straightening method for adults.

  1. They’re almost invisible
    Invisalign’s unique trays are far more subtle than regular metal braces that are fixed directly onto the teeth. You will barely see them, and neither will anyone else.
  2. They’re super comfy
    Invisalign’s custom-fitted trays are made with exclusive flexible multilayer SmartTrack material that mean they feel comfortable in your mouth. In addition to not seeing them, you’ll barely notice them at all.
  3. They’re easy to remove
    Want to enjoy a meal, brush and floss your teeth properly, or go to a meeting without your aligners? Unlike old-fashioned braces, you can take Invisalign trays out whenever you need to, and easily replace them when you’re ready.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Because Invisalign is custom fitted to your exact needs, the cost differs slightly for everyone and depends on:

  • How much correction is needed
  • How long it will take

At around $5,000-$7,500, Invisalign costs a little more than metal braces and about the same as ceramic braces. However, Invisalign’s huge advantages – being barely visible, super comfortable and much more convenient – mean most adults far prefer it to older methods of tooth straightening.

The three main factors affecting the cost of your Invisalign treatment are:

  1. How much your teeth need to move
    Your dentist will carefully assess exactly how much crowding you have and how much correction is right for you. If you have mild crowding, you may only need Invisalign for a short period. If you have severe overcrowding that affects your bite, treatment will take a little longer and cost a little more.
  2. How many aligners you’ll need
    Your dentist will give you new aligners every one to two weeks to fit your teeth as they become straighter during treatment. Each new set will have a slightly different shape, gradually taking you closer to your goal. The total cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on how many sets of aligners it takes for you to reach your goal.
  3. How many visits it takes
    Invisalign treatments can take anything from a few months to a few years. Shorter procedures can cost around $5,000, while longer treatments can cost between $6,000 and $7500.

These costs usually include follow-up appointments to track your progress. For simple cases, 4-6 follow up visits are often enough. Complicated cases can take up to 24 months and more follow up visits are necessary.

Other factors that can increase costs are:

  • Breaking or losing an aligner may incur a replacement cost
  • Wearing the aligners for less than 20-22 hours a day can mean the treatment takes longer to work, which may end up costing you more.

Paying For Invisalign

At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery, we know it’s not always easy to get a few thousand dollars together, no matter how much you want to have perfect teeth. That’s why we offer payment plans that allow you to pay for Invisalign in affordable weekly instalments, so you can start smiling sooner!

We work with ZipPay, National Dental Plan, and Denticare, and instalments can be as low as $40 a week over 12 to 24 months.

If you’d like to learn more about how this process works, call our friendly team on (02) 4862 2162 or email us and we will be happy to help.

Five Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign

  1. Convenience
    Unlike ceramic or metal braces, you can take Invisalign trays out whenever you want, so you can eat, brush and floss in perfect comfort.
  2. Innovation
    Based on over 20 years of research, Invisalign is the most advanced and innovative clear alignment system available today.
  3. No hassles
    You’ll only have to visit the dentist once every six to eight weeks thanks to this hassle-free orthodontic system.
  4. Confidence
    If you’ve been hiding crooked teeth, Invisalign will give you the flawless smile you’ve been dreaming of, without the awkwardness of very visible metal or ceramic braces.
  5. Better oral health
    Severely crowded teeth are difficult to brush, floss and keep healthy, which can lead to dental problems such as bleeding gums. With an Invisalign-straightened smile, you’ll be better able to care for your teeth, keeping them healthy and strong for longer.

Ready To Get Your Invisalign Smile?

If you are ready to get started with Invisalign, the first step to your straighter and more confident smile is a consultation right here in Bowral at The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery.

At your smile consultation, we will check your bite and the health of your teeth and gums to see if Invisalign is a good fit for you. We will also outline how long your treatment is likely to take, and give you an estimate of the cost. This initial consultation will cost just $60.

Invisalign works for people of different ages, from teenagers to adults, with teeth straightening needs of different complexities. But every patient is unique, so your dentist may find that you will benefit more from other methods to get your ideal result.

To book your consultation call us on (02) 4862 2142 or send us an appointment request. We look forward to starting you on your way to a perfect smile!