Dental Implants Bowral

Choose your forever smile with the next best thing to real teeth.

Yes—you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of

The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery Bowral, offers best-in-class tooth replacement.

Dental implants are the most lifelike and reliable tooth replacement option available in Australia.

The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery offers teeth implants as a best-in-class tooth replacement solution with highly realistic, biocompatible, and functional results.

What's a dental implant?

Dental implants closely mimic real teeth in look and feel. Implant teeth have two parts: a biocompatible titanium ‘tooth root’ that is placed into the bone and a ‘tooth crown’ that is screwed into the top of the titanium tooth root. 

When would I choose a dental implant?

Whether you’re missing one or more teeth due to an injury or gum disease, or have old failing dental work or congenitally missing teeth, a tooth implant can help ease pain and discomfort, and will give you the confidence boost you deserve.

Dental implants can be used to replace just one—or all—missing teeth.  

What’s the first step?

We are here to help you decide if dental implants are the right choice for you.

Dental Implants
Natural & Affordable

Natural Looking
Quality of life!
Eat, Speak, Smile - REPEAT!
Peace of mind

Why our patients love dental implants

— Teeth implants look and feel like real teeth
— Long lasting—lifetime with proper care
— Proven treatment—over 95% success rate
— No cutting-down of healthy existing teeth

Dental implants can help

— Single or multiple missing teeth
— Periodontitis, injury-related or old failing dentistry
— Tooth movement from missing teeth
— Jaw bone loss from missing teeth

Why choose The Grand Arcade

Precision digital software planning
for optimal results
FREE consultation valued at $65
Premium dental implants
and materials

3 steps to a beautifully restored smile


Discuss your goals and review your tooth replacement options with Dr Arora. Begin your dental implant procedure with 3D bone x-rays and tooth impressions. Dr Arora uses digital implant software to plan exactly where your titanium tooth root/s will be placed.


In a separate appointment, Dr Arora places your titanium tooth roots with ‘healing caps’ to help assist with healing and bone growth over the next 3 months. If the dental implant is for a front tooth, a temporary tooth will be placed on top of the tooth root.


Get the final, fabulous result in 3 month’s time, when your final teeth are placed on top of your fully-healed tooth implants.

Dental implant cost


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1. What affects dental implant cost in Australia?

The price of dental implants in Australia is influenced by the number of teeth to be replaced, and whether or not you require additional treatments.

2. Does an implant tooth hurt?

At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery, we use local anaesthetic for all of our teeth implants. Patients generally feel no pain during the surgery and, if the area is slightly tender after the dental implants procedure, an over-the-counter pain killer is usually all that is required.

3. How long do dental implants last?

When maintained properly (regular 6-monthly check-up appointments, and brushing and flossing at home) your new implant tooth should last a lifetime.

4. How do I know if I’m suitable for a dental implant?

There are very few cases in which we can’t use a dental implant.  

For example, if you’ve been missing teeth for a while, you may have suffered bone loss. The 3D x-ray will reveal if the loss has been too significant for teeth implants. The good news is that technology has improved so much over the last few years, so even if you’ve been told by another dentist that a dental implant wasn’t possible, please come in for a consultation and a second opinion.

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