Teeth Whitening Bowral

Less than an hour to instantly brighter, whiter teeth.

The best tooth whitening result, available only at your dentist

At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery Bowral, we create stunning, radiant smiles.

Whether you’re preparing for an important event, or looking to undo years of coffee or wine stains, The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery has a top-shelf tooth whitening solution for you.

We’ll talk you through best teeth whitening options, show you examples, and discuss the pros and cons of all in a FREE consultation ($60 value).

What's teeth whitening?

A cosmetic dentistry treatment, tooth whitening is essentially tooth bleaching—whitening products, like teeth whitening gel, are used to help teeth look a few shades whiter using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. 

Teeth whitening can be done in under an hour in-practice for instant results, or  for more sensitive teeth, tooth bleaching can be achieved at home with a kit containing teeth whitening gel and customised trays.

Why should I get teeth whitening at the dentist?

In Australia, teeth whitening agents are regulated so only a dentist can prescribe and use the powerful teeth whitening gels that create stunning, radiant smiles.

Forget risky DIY or budget beauty salon treatments—in under one hour you can have a brighter, more radiant smile overseen by a teeth whitening dentist with zero damage to your teeth and gums.

What’s the first step?

We are here to help you decide which teeth whitening treatments are the right choice for you.

Teeth Whitening before and after

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Why choose The Grand Arcade

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3 steps to an instantly whiter smile


Discuss your goals in a quick consultation before your teeth whitening treatment begins. If you have sensitive teeth, Dr Arora may recommend at-home teeth whitening or, together, you may decide to proceed with in-chair teeth whitening for instant results.


A high concentrate tooth whitening bleach/gel is applied to your teeth, then activated using a UV light. The entire process takes approximately one hour and is done under the supervision of Dr Arora—the safest method of teeth whitening. 


Step back into the world with a brighter, whiter smile that will last!

Teeth whitening cost

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1. Do you have teeth whitening reviews?

Our tooth whitening patients are very happy with their results! Unfortunately, medical and health professionals are not allowed to display patient testimonials. However, you can find tooth bleaching before-and-after photos on this page. We'll show you more of our best teeth whitening during your appointment.

2. Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?

If not done by a professional teeth whitening dentist, it definitely can. Tooth whitening gels and agents can be very powerful and in untrained, inexperienced hands can damage not only your teeth but gums. Don’t risk it.

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