Tooth Fillings

Don’t delay: dental fillings protect your teeth from serious damage.

Tooth fillings are a fact of life

At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery Bowral, we treat cavities with precision and comfort.

Our teeth are durable and work hard for us throughout our lives but even people who take excellent care of their teeth can get cavities and need fillings. If you have cavities, it’s important to treat them quickly.

What's a dental filling?

A dental filling protects teeth affected by cavities from further damage that could be caused if bacteria enter the tooth through a cavity.

We work with two excellent dental filling materials: composite fillings and porcelain - or ceramic. Both are tooth-coloured and invisible - we don’t use the old amalgam fillings you may remember.

What happens if I ignore a cavity?

Left alone, a cavity can cause serious problems and may even require a dental crown or root canal treatment, but tooth fillings can keep you protected for five to 10 years - especially if you keep up with your regular check-up and clean visits.

What’s the first step?

We are here to help you decide if a dental filling is the right choice for you.

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3 steps to protecting your smile


We gently remove the part of the tooth that is damaged and clean the area thoroughly. 


For small areas: a composite filling is applied directly in the same appointment.


For larger areas: an impression is taken and sent to our dental lab where a ceramic filling is crafted using state of the art technology. We fit the ceramic filling at a second appointment.

Dental Fillings cost


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