Dentures Bowral

Time for new dentures? Don’t delay - we’ll get you smiling again. 

New dentures: a new lease on life

At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery Bowral, we believe dentures are much more than false teeth.

Getting dentures for the first time, or switching to new ones may make you feel nervous, but you have a lot to look forward to. Well-made dentures are much more than false teeth; they’re your key to living comfortably and feeling good.

It’s important your dentures fit you perfectly so you can get the most out of life. At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery we work carefully and precisely to give you a great outcome.

What are dentures?

Dentures are false teeth fitted onto the gum where some or all of a patient’s teeth have been lost. They make it possible to enjoy everyday activities like eating again, and restore the confidence of having a complete smile.

There are different kinds of dentures, depending on your exact situation.

Should I choose a dentist or a denture clinic for my new dentures?

You may choose to go to a denture clinic instead of a dentist to get new dentures.  But if you're considering other alternatives to dentures - like dental implants for denture stability, we can talk you through all your options.  

We'll even work with your denture clinic to get you the best possible result.

What’s the first step?

We are here to help you decide if dentures are the right choice for you.

Why choose The Grand Arcade

All available tooth replacement
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3 steps to get you smiling again


At your first appointment impressions of your jaw are taken and all tooth replacement options discussed with Dr Arora.


Over the next few weeks wax models are tried in your mouth and adjusted to achieve a perfect fit and look.


Get your final new smile! Your dentures are made, fitted and adjusted to look completely natural.

Dentures cost


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HICAPS available for on‑the‑spot rebates

Payment Plans
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1. What should I do if my dentures are uncomfortable?

Dentures shouldn’t cause you any discomfort at all. If dentures are uncomfortable it is because they don’t fit well. You should come in for a consultation with Dr Arora immediately if your dentures are hurting or annoying you. We will find out why and help you get back to feeling good.

2. Can you help me even if my current dentures were made somewhere else?

We can help you if you already have dentures no matter where they were made, just come in and see us. If it turns out that you need new dentures, we will talk you through all the available options.

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