We can help you if you’re having a dental emergency.

Dental emergency? Help is right here

Call us on (02) 4862 2162 to get an appointment fast or book online.

Dental emergencies happen all the time whether it’s while eating, playing sport, or as a result of infections and often come up when you least expect them. Fast, effective treatment is a phone call away.

Help I have a dental emergency - can you see me today?

We know these situations can be stressful and you may be feeling panicked, but don’t worry. We reserve time every day for cases that need immediate attention.

We’ll see you quickly if needed, and if you require other treatments, we’ll help you understand how to access them.

What if I need to go to hospital?

If you’ve had an accident that’s affected more than your teeth and you’re not sure whether your emergency should be treated by a dentist or in hospital, we will help you decide.

Call us on (02) 4862 2162 and we will ask you some questions about what happened and how you are feeling. We will let you know what kind of treatment you may need and whether we can help you.

What’s the first step?

If you need emergency dental services during opening hours, you can call us on immediately.

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3 steps to taking care of a dental emergency


Call The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery on (02) 4862 2162 or book online


We’ll advise you on how to proceed once we know what your emergency is. If we can treat you, we’ll tell you when to come in; we always make time for emergencies if needed


You’ll be assessed and any necessary dental first aid will be applied, you’ll be given a treatment plan and we'll discuss options and costs with you.

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1. How do I know if I have a dental emergency?

You may need emergency dental care for a non-life-threatening issue like a chipped or broken tooth, extreme pain in your teeth, jaw or mouth, or any other dental problem that happens suddenly. Call The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery straight away and we will help you.

2. Will I have to wait a long time to see the dentist?

At The Grand Arcade Dental Surgery we put aside time each day especially so we can be available for dental emergencies. This means that we can be here when you need us. Just call us before you come in and we will make sure you are treated as fast as possible.

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